July, 2013

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Day 54

Re-tail Sign: Olive Flounder
Turnips: AM: N/A Bells | PM: 130 Bells

Today was an extra early start due to work. It was raining today so I didn’t need to wear my Detective Hat… I wish flowers still sparkled when watered by rain 🙁 I ran into Saharah.

She gave me a Skyscraper Wallpaper and Plush Flooring. Yay for something unique at least.

I decided to get an early start on trying for a public work as Kiki was up and there’s really nothing else I can until the shops open (plus, it’s probably one of the best things to do while at work) so… ATTEMPT COUNT:
1. Kiki wanted to call me Lamb as a new nickname… I declined.

Before I tossed everything to the ground, I decided to see how the perfect town was going and…

Yaaaay 😀 I do already have one though, so I will probably give to Bellsy to make flower breeding earlier–not sure what I’ll do with ones on other characters just yet though.

2. Kiki wanted a new catchphrase.
3. Asked what snack best represents her.
4. Tried to suggest a flower bed…

…Time to start over.

5. Caught by Joey–asked how dark I make it when I go to sleep.
6. Caught by Joey again… asked if I preferred sweet or spicy
7. Kiki asked me to get the petition “Bells for Basket Weavers” signed… will have to visit my mom’s town later.
8. She asked about snack representations again…
9. Asked how I was feeling.
10. Flowers reflecting personalities…
11. Asked how I was feeling AGAIN -_-
12. Asked what drink would go best with corn bread :/
14. flowers again.
15. Joey caught me… gave me a banana.

At this point, I decided to pause for a bit as I had stuff to do :/ And I’d been doing this for hours now.

So, I bought out the shops, gave Phoebe medicine, sent mail, and then saw Dr. Shrunk.

Curiousity Joke! 4 more until the finale :3

It was then time for loan paying off on Emi, Seamstry, and Sir before giving the public work stuff another attempt…. I decided I’d try Joey or Jeremiah this time since once I get the last one, both can move–plus, 6 of my dream villagers are normal so…

16. Joey tried to request a camping cot…

So reset again…


Now I no longer need requests from Lazy visitors! Just the Water Fountain/Drinking Fountain from Kiki and the Geyser and Picnic Blanket from Phoebe and I’m good to go! T~T Yaaaay.

Day 31: You wearing your Mii Mask

Photo Day Challenge Bonus: Photo-A-Day Group Photo

Day 53.5

So, I did manage to accomplish some things…

1. A request I wanted! 😀

While I can’t build the Fairytale Clock yet, this means I only need one more thing from both Kiki and Joey or Jeremiah besides the 2 from Phoebe.

2. I managed to get 3 more tables which leaves me with 5… unfortunately, I need to sleep so bleh :/ Will have to hope they show up again.

3. I made sure to update my Dream Suite before I left and…

T~T 300?! Thank you Olivia from Willow for being my 300th Dreamer!

4. I forgot to order another Stained Glass Lamp to refurbish in Blue…must remember to do so later.

And that is it for this mini-update 😛 Well, to end it a bit more interesting, these are my badges at the moment!:

I’m at about 687 hours of playtime so yeah >>

(Also, thank you to those who mentioned Dream Villagers to me! While I sadly missed Merengue and Molly twice… I did get Peanut! So Thank you again to those who let me know and the person (I don’t know if she wants to be named ^^; ) I received Peanut from! It really means a lot to me <3 Just 6 to go: Merengue, Molly, Marina, Flurry, Diana, and Maple!) ----------------------------------- The finished art by thewriterandhermuse:

Day 53

Re-tail Sign: Furniture
Turnips: AM: N/A Bells | PM: 73 Bells

So, today started a bit accidentally… Just as a note, if it’s late and you’re tired, never try and fix the time because it’s off by a few minutes. Since it was technically the next day and just not 6AM, my trying to fix the clock resulted in me accidentally going back and forth to past 6AM and post 6AM of today X__x

I did, at least, get some public works done, but I guess I feel bad about it. I did absolutely nothing else though. Once it did hit 6AM, I celebrated my final sign…

I currently have 4 laying around and 6 projects I want to build which means I can only build 2 more before I have to start demolishing… I need to hope I can get everyone in and the people who’s houses are where I’d like to place facilities (Ruby, Kyle) or nothing in particular (Rocco, Kiki, Joey, Jeremiah, Miranda) go first. So, I probably will hold Buck and Phoebe for a bit–maybe even Kyle as well. Just need to get the Public Works already… I need to do Phoebe first as the two I need to place (to fully start moving people in once said people start moving) are from her. The last things are from Kiki (2) and Joey (1) with the last one being Weeding Day where that sign will remain until April… Hopefully I will have everyone in long before that point. I just really hope everything works out.

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Peppermo’s Scavenger Hunt!

Click here for more information!

Dream Code 5100-2252-8082

Regardless if I’m one of the first 25, I LOVE Scavenger Hunts so I felt I must do this before she updates her town.

1. Waking up

2. Take a Picture in Front of the Town Hall

3. Take a picture in the Mayor’s House!

4. Talk to one of the Residents

5. Take a picture with the cut out board!

6. Take a picture in one of the villager houses.

7. Find “I love you”

8. Eat a Perfect Apple!

9. Take a picture of a villager talking about one of the residents.

10. Take a picture in your favorite part of town.

Day 52

Video Log: Twitch Part 1, Twitch Part 2, Twitch Part 3, Twitch Part 4, Twitch Part 5
Re-tail Sign: Diving Beetle
Turnips: AM: N/A | PM: 81 Bells

And back to starting late again… 🙁 blah. Regardless, my bridge was done so I spent most of my starting just…walking back and forth over it. Thus, it was time for celebrating (well, after working for Brewster and burying a Time Capsule for Rocco):


I ended up having Redd today, but since I already have my art wing done, I decided I’d try and find something for my boyfriend. Unfortunately, the only real one was one he already had. On the bright side, it was one I wanted to use it my house so that works.

I managed to get a gold ore in my rock today which was my 3rd needed for another piece of gold furniture. Really hoping to get one of the ones I need for my exhibit.

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