October, 2013

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Day 145 and 146

I didn’t do too much yesterday, but mostly as not much happened either. Today is Halloween, but as mentioned previously, I’m not playing Halloween as I hate the Halloween event and this one would just bother me the most. I don’t do well being chased or tricked so it’s just not very fun to me. Special thanks to Imaginos for letting me catalog the entire Spooky, Creepy, and Trick sets.

I guess with the Halloween hype, none of my villagers felt like asking any favors so it was a quiet day as it is. Thus, I went to update my Dream Suite–it’s still a bit early, but there was no way I was playing after 6PM today.

Thank you to everyone who’s visited though!

Day 144

I actually streamed for the first time in a while today due to the fact that the European/PAL Region Nintendo Village town had updated it’s dream for Halloween. I figured it’d be fun to check out. Maple wanted to see my house, Marina wanted me to deliver something to Diana, Peanut wanted her time-capsule dug up and Merengue wanted an apple which I managed to get done… Diana wanted a Koi, but I’m just too out of it to really do much in the fishing department.

Of course, if that wasn’t enough, I also ran into Phineas!:

Yay 😀 Gulliver was here as well–I’ll admit, I actually had some trouble realizing he was talking about Portugal…

Once I finished checking on the neighbors I could find, it was off to Dream Suite!:
Dream Address: 7900-2106-3477 – [PAL] Nintendo Village

There were costumes scattered all around outside for visitors to wear which was nice too <3 Was sad there was no Halloween faceboard though. And kind of surprised that I could not find any room that matched the one in Isabelle’s picture

After that, it was time to look through some StreetPass houses 😀

I didn’t get to finish though due to feeling pretty terrible. Still 2 maps to go X__x Thus, that was about it. Also, for those who asked… I didn’t get any SpotPass house this week 🙁 I wonder if there won’t be anymore… I hope that isn’t the case though.

As a final thing today though, I got my first Town Tour request for TBT Bells in My shop on The Bell Tree to visit a town so…

Dream Address: 5400-2967-8035 – Paradox Village

Day 143

It’s kind of saddening there’s still not too much going on. I guess part of that is because I don’t plan to participate in Halloween which is, well, part of the point of October. I’m sure November will be a bit more interesting–especially as I still need a Fruit Basket, Cornucopia, and several of the special food items from the event. December should be fun as well with Christmas, Toy Day (in Europe), New Years, and snow! The latter meaning I can catch my last bug 😀 So yay.

But yes, I did make sure to catch Merengue, Flurry, and Maple today at least <3

Marina tried to move, but I was able to stop her thankfully. And that was it for today.

Day 142

Due to being sick and my sleeping all messed up because of it, it’s a bit of an odd hour to be playing AC. Most of my villagers will be heading to bed, so I tried to be quick with checking on them. My villagers were rather quiet, but I did end up running into Phineas!


It’s so true too >> I might calm down with it… but considering I keep checking any items on the floor when my catalog is already set…

Besides running into Phineas, I also had a new camper today:

Poppy <3

Since not much else ended up happening though, I decided I’d go and take some pictures with my villagers for fun.

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Day 141

So, today started interestingly enough. Chananr invited me over for weeding day so I popped on to head over 🙂 On my way, I also ran into Molly who was thinking of moving… Thankfully, I stopped her.

Weeding Day was fun as always <3 Then I headed over to Zed's for some island minigames 😀

Much fun and yay for medal badge progress! <3 Then it was off to K.K. 🙂
Fun morning <3