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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Just one bug to go now! I will have to wait until it snows though…

Day 25

Video Log: Twitch Part 1, Twitch Part 2
Re-Tail Sign: Pop-eyed Goldfish
Turnips: AM: 80 Bells | PM: 161 Bells

Last night, I actually found a Lost Item…but since it was so late, I knew nearly everyone was asleep so I will be Detectiving it today instead.

So, the Nookling shop has officially remodeled! Which is nice, but the new hours kind of suck. I was greeted to quite a bit of a mail–nothing surprising though. I received a Globe from Katie.

Also, no rain! THANK GOD. My house is so much nicer without rain T~T

Let’s hope I can catch a Walking Leaf today (and a Scorpion tonight!)

I also picked up the Red Lily Player~

Ruby asked to come over…I scheduled her for 5PM incase I take a nap again during the day.

Fancy new store~

I had Gulliver today 😀

Poor Reese and Cyrus.

Anyway, he was heading to Peru–so I expect a Tapestry tomorrow.

Saying bye to Flip as he’s moving~

I made sure to stop by Brewster’s. Nobody was there today which was actually a bit of surprise.

I like to pretend it’s tea sometimes since I actually hate coffee. I normally can’t smell, but on the few occasions I can, the smell makes me want to gag >> I prefer Tea, Hot Chocolate, and Apple Cider for my hot drinks.

Unfortunately, walking around looking for fossils has made me aware that most of my trees (normal trees) were in the way so finding a Walking Leaf will be even harder… I need to plant some new trees but I need to build more projects first. ._.

Ruby asked for my first village-related petition 😀

Sleep-in Saturday @-@ …but what about Saturday morning cartoons? 🙁

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Day 23.5

So, while doing patterns I saw a Scorpion Tail! Unfortunately, it vanished before I even had a chance to attempt it. I’ve noticed the Scorpion and Tarantula do not stick around long which is really annoying.

I did manage to get a Cicada Shell though.

According to my list…
Walking Leaf – 8AM-5PM (Ground)
Evening Cicada – 4AM-8AM, 4PM-7PM (Tree)
Cicada Shell – All Day (Tree)
Scorpion – 4PM-4AM (Ground)
Arapaima – 4AM-9AM, 4PM-4AM (River)

Horseshoe Crab – 9PM-4AM (Diving)

…I can currently get the Scorpion, Arapaima, and Horseshoe Crab (and of course the Cicada Shell but already got that) so I guess I’ll keep an eye out for those while patterning… Shall edit if I catch anything else.

Edit: While attempting to find a Horseshoe Crab, I did run into a certain Otter…

He gave me a Sea View (yay).

Edit 2:


Edit 3:

Double Yay!

Edit 4: Unfortunately, it hit 4AM and thus, no chance at the others, but I did finish pathing! I also caught an Evening Cicada 🙂


And picked up my Palm Tree Lamp <3
Yaaay~ Now let’s hope I can go to Best Buy today for the Cat Tower…

Day 9

Partial Video Log: Twitch
Re-Tail Sign: Furniture
Turnips: Sunday, so Joan was selling for 107 Bells each.

So today is Father’s Day! Happy Father’s Day 😀 I received a Red Carnation in the mail celebrating and also got a letter from Tammy. Her birthday is apparently next Sunday (the 23rd) and I have officially been invited. Need to find her a Modern gift…

Joan ended up being close by. I decided to buy 100 again because I hate myself. If you have anything 108+, let me know. Sure, that’s only 1 more than I bought, but waiting until the last second scares me ._.

My first camper!

Hi Pudge :3 I know I could play a game, but I’m really nervous about space right now and don’t want new villagers this second.

Getting my Balloon Dog Lamp in Blue today~

The Belated Park Clock Ceremony.

I decided to build the Well. Placed it next to the Town Hall–I think it looks nice.

Also paid it off. I wanted to do the Dream Suite, but she still isn’t Sleeping…

I feel like my days are broken. It doesn’t seem anything is unlocking when it’s supposed to and I’m not sure why. This is technically my 9th Day of Playing, but it just doesn’t feel that way.

…I REALLY miss the pink roof from the previous games :/

My lovely Blue Balloon Dog Lamp–just two more to go.

After selling a bunch of stuff from the island, I managed to make a little bit more than enough to pay Nook back. However, I am now poor 🙁 *sad*

Red Heart Balloon 😀

The last thing I did before I needed to take a break to head off was head to my boyfriend’s town to drop some stuff off…

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