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Wishlist/Goals is done!

Yep, the page is OFFICIALLY complete. Yay!

I’m sorry it took so long 🙁 It’s nice to have it finally done though!

If there are ANY questions about everything–let me know! Everything is mostly US names unless I couldn’t find the names of them which is mostly apparent in the “Misc.” section of Items and the “Edible” and “Toys” sections of Tools, Toys, and Nature.

As for what is most important to me… I mentioned it there, but anything with a * next to it is essentially the most prioritized! Anything with a ~ or ! is VERY low as I am probably planning to get them myself and it’s just there so I don’t forget what I need for it.

Regardless, if anyone wants to help or even try, I am happy just for the thought :3 So yes, thank you for caring! (And I also love catalogging so even if you have nothing you want to give up, if I don’t have it for my catalog yet, I’d be happy to pick it up and drop it back down! :P)

Also, thank you to Eclipsed and Thunderstuck for letting me visit for catalogging! <3