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More StreetPass and playing

So, I recently did some streaming as I wanted to try and not take as many StreetPass House pictures as I did last time:

It thankfully worked as here’s just a few highlights:

I also did one other stream where I played a bit of ACNL before switching to Tomodachi Life for a bit and then switching back.

And I updated my Dream Suite–this will be the last update until Fall when I should have the biggest tree:

Thanks to everyone who has visited! As for why I updated…

Yay for Shamrock green bamboo 😀

If you’d like to visit, my Dream Address is 5100-2140-1457.

Streetpassing along

While I didn’t get many Tomodachi Life passes, I did get some Animal Crossing StreetPasses soooo 😀

House photo time:


I ended up getting a bunch of StreetPass tags while I was at the Disney Magical World Event at Nintendo World so I finally found time to clear it out.

Welcome to the club.

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Streetpass :D

Managed to StreetPass someone with AC today (apparently someone I’ve passed before too):

Their house had changed since:

More StreetPass