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The Catalogging Journey

So, after playing a bit and slowly working on advancing my date to the current time, I’ve essentially made up my mind on my current big goal: Catalogging all the new items. I know they can’t be reordered and honestly, most I don’t even want. My current mini goal is trying to get a Dachshund (Fortune #55) and all the other 3DS’ (which I believe are not through Fortune Cookies). If anyone has a Dachshund they’d be willing to sell/give me, please let me know. Similarly, if anyone is willing to let me catalog stuff (Pick it up and drop it back down), also let me know! I love completing my catalog and it’s a big deal to me, honestly.

I know of these items from the Fortune Cookies so far:
51: Wii U console
52: Wii U console (Black) – Still need (Mostly just want to catalog)
53: Chihuahua Ornament
54: Dalmatian Ornament
55: Dachshund Ornament – Still need (Will be putting in Trophy room)
56: Labrador Ornament
57: New Nintendo 3DS – Currently being remade:

I plan to put it in my Mayor’s bedroom. I have no idea if there are items past 57 though–I have yet to hear of anyone getting 58 or higher.

There’s so many unique items in Happy Home Designer so I have no idea how many they brought over, but wow do I hate the MEOW tickets. I think they are fun goals in the game, but not all of them are ones people will do (Sorry, but I’m not changing my exterior and due to my Ordinance, I CAN’T fish out trash) and you can’t actually earn enough to get both items Harvey sells and any RV items you may want each day. That sucks. I wish I could turn some of my bells into coupons because, while I understand why they probably did this, my bells continue to have even less use. Literally the only thing I had to use them for was already paid off for all four of my villagers.

That said, people have been super helpful and thus, I got a few items already that I really wanted:

I’m keeping an eye out for the Tea set I really liked from HHD as I’d love to put that in my room (possibly both the living room and the bedroom). I’ll miss the Clover book, but at least I still have one in Seamstry’s house.

When I switched forward one day to have my lovely store room (as I’ve been holding music for a friend for his town and just desperately need the room), Wisp showed up nearly immediately so I wonder if he has to be the next day after you’ve started up since the update:

I love his lamp in this game.

Finally, I tried out the new camera option briefly:

A dance party was the best I could come up with 😛

And just a note on the seminar from Lottie (and other HHD things)…

I wish we could still put items inbetween squares. I can understand ceiling items not being in (though, I would have loved if I could have my chandelier ;~; ), but I really wish they added in the new emotes from HHD and the more flexibleness with items. I guess that wasn’t possible though.

Also, I’m still super surprised by the RV Campsite’s location:

While it isn’t terrible (just kind of awkward), I think it would have been better next to the museum–just a ramp going off from there. I don’t know if I’ll add any path addition towards it yet–it kind of looks okay with the flowers, but we will have to see.

Day 105

If there’s one thing that is getting more and more frustrating, it seems that moving is literally accelerated for some reason. I know if you are close friends, there’s a higher chance they want to move, but this is kind of ridiculous? Everyday seems to be a move prompt–over the every few days or once a week and it’s really really hard.

I really enjoy playing the game day by day. I’ve never really felt a need or want to time travel due to being bored or anything like that. In fact, as shown, the only reason I’ve time traveled thus far is to get certain villagers out as I knew it could take a while (In fact, it took me a lot less time than it usually does for people) and having to practically destroy my town in some areas to save spots was really bothering me and ruining some of the enjoyment for me.

But the way that made me feel everytime I noticed them is the same way I’m starting to feel with these kind of moving prompts every. single. day. I get that it’ll happen, but every day? It’s incredibly disheartening. Every single time they ask just stinks. Like it’s taking all my effort to not just give up, rush through, get to a date I’d want to (probably Cherry Blossom season honestly–after getting my topiary) and then just… leave it there. Every day, rewinding the clock back to 6AM so it’ll be fine and I’ll check for DLC and stuff. I really don’t want to do that–but I just can’t stand the constant moving prompts. It’s just gets really upsetting.

Anyway, I had stopped in my house to get Cookie an Apple (yesterday’s “I wanna Move” contestant) and she actually surprised me with a visit:

Upon delivering it to her after she left, I received another surprise:

…In which I am stalked by a Silver Slingshot while buying stuff from Marcie:

After that, I mostly just worked on Catalog-stuff. These are the only non-DLC items I need:
(as usual, full list with DLC incase anything is improperly labeled which is honestly likely…)

Tomorrow will be the last Bug-off of the Year. I won’t be entering though. Will be hard to find out if someone is moving, however… :/

A Lovely CD

I’m not sure if the name will be kept the same or not when it comes to the US, but making a note regardless as I love that CD’s look and would want it in my house.

You can find the subtitled Nintendo Direct here.