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So much to do T~T

These entries are now cross-posted to my main site as well 🙂

First up, I took some time to try the new puzzle league mode.

I… really don’t like Puzzle League. Unfortunately, there are items attached to it and I kind of really want to beat the story mode. Of the items, I want the Nintendo 3DS ones (The Station and Display), the Flower Fairy Boots, and the Flower Fairy Wand the most. I wouldn’t mind the Flower Fairy dress and wig too though.

I can’t even beat the second stage and my score for the first minigame in Puzzle League is terrible.

Essentially, to get all the items you need to finish story mode, get a lot of combos, and get fairly high scores in each of the minigames (You can find more details Here) and I just am failing miserably at it. I don’t even consider games like these puzzle games. Puzzle games to me are like… Professor Layton–not this 🙁

Island Escape also apparently has items tied to it–11 of them (though, nobody has figured out what. Similarly, there are apparently about 775 new items in the game now. I’m stressing, for the record). I’ll probably be putting a lot of time into this because at least I’m not completely awful at it.

In the meantime, I’ve moved my Catalog list over here as it’s just quicker to update and then it’s right on the homepage. But yes, going over to other things done…

I took a stop to Nintendo’s New Dream Village which you can visit at 0000-000F-4241. It was so nice to see so many of the new items and villagers so just a few of the (many) photos I took:

I also love how Wisp takes place of characters when they are camping:

As you can probably tell, I brought Celeste in for her lovely bow:

Finally, there are now anniversary gifts–I love how nice the model tree looks in my Model room:

I look forward to when I get there as I [slowly] fix my date.

[JPN] Nintendo Village – An Update for Splatoon!

So, while the North American Nintendo Village doesn’t update too often, the one in Japan actually updated for Splatoon and in honor of the first and second Splatfests that finished up this month in North America, I thought it’d be fun to do an entry checking it out! They’ll apparently only be around for a limited time so if you’re interested, I’d recommend going sooner rather than later! The dream address is 0000 – 0100 – 0017. Below, you’ll find some of the fun pictures I took!

Those are just some of the cool exterior changes 🙂 Meanwhile, the room upstairs inside the house has been Splatoon-ified as well:

You can get the patterns for the shirts, faceboards, portraits, carpet, and paths all from Wendell 🙂

Finally, while I’m not sure if I’ll try starting up a bunch of Dream Village entries or not (mostly due to what happened in my last entry), if I do, does anyone have preferences on the text blogs like I usually do or videos? And if the latter, would you want talking or no? Let me know!

A Nintendo Dream time

So, recently Japan’s official Nintendo Dream Village and Europe’s official Nintendo Dream Village were updated! And thus, I decided it’d be fun to check out the updates.

Japan’s Official Nintendo Village: 0000 – 0100 – 0017 – Updated for Captain Toad! 😀

This was so cute. I love how everything was done. If you haven’t picked up Captain Toad yet, I highly recommend you do so. As usual each house is its own game with Tomodachi Life, Pikmin, and Super Mario 3D World being the other houses right now. I decided to stop back by 3D World for fun though:

Europe’s Official Nintendo Village: 7900-2106-3477 – Updated for Winter!

I still love that you can visit Santa. You can check out my visit from last year here. The house is the same (and there’s no other changes), but it’s day time this year.

Day 39

Video Log: Twitch
Re-tail Sign: Jewel Beetle
Turnips: AM: 100 Bells | PM: 179 Bells

So, it was storming in my town today and my mailbox was full… I may have gone overboard with the catalog as I worked on my wishlist last night.

Seriously though, so tired of the rain. Anyway, I received a Digital Photo Frame from Katie and more failed stumps 🙁

On the bright side, I had Redd today.

He had a real Mystic Statue so yay for getting something I need. Hate waiting a day though.

I also had a camper today.

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