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Day 112

Despite some rudeness, I planned to stream randomly for most of today–and as usual, take screenshots and write while I do so. I really hate not having logs for things so…

But yes, Village overview:
Marina: Spoke about her house and making sandwiches.
Molly: Wants to visit my house at 3:30PM
Merengue: Wanted to offer me a new nickname. She suggested J-puff–I told her Princess was the only nickname for me.
Flurry: Wanted to know how her outfit looked.
Peanut: Told me about the money rock.
Marcie: Asked me to get Merengue
Maple: Bought my Reversi Piece and sold me a Minimalist Sofa
Julian: Spoke about his Town Tune and gave me a Rococo Shelf.
Cookie: Gave me a Backyard Fence
Diana: Asked for a Moray Eel.

I managed to finish close to 3:30 so I hurried over to my house.

It was then over to Dream Suite for Dream Villages 😀 But I decided I’d update mine a bit early today.

Thank you to everyone who has visited!

Since this will be very dream focused, I decided to go and grab the nightgown from the Able Sister’s for today.

To start, I am doing the two horror ones I’ve missed from the first two Freaky Fridays! Since I still feel really bad 🙁 So yeah…

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Day 109

So, it turns out Marina wasn’t moving… I got a ping from Julian in the end. Regardless, I stopped him and hopefully there won’t be anymore moving pings, but I’m not holding my breath :/

Regardless, I was happy to take care of it quickly rather than worrying while I play. I didn’t do much else besides check on my villagers… (I did try and catch anything I saw though to work more on those badges)
-Marina wanted to know how her outfit is.
-Julian asked about moving.
-Cookie wanted a Saw Shark.
-Flurry wanted to see my house.

-Merengue just spoke about how rumors suck.
-Molly asked if I liked baking and shared some baking tips.
-Peanut wanted to replace a piece of furniture.

I will have to find Maple, Diana, and Marcie later. In the meantime, I figured out that I would probably have my tree at the biggest size on October 22nd, 2014. Which means the last day I will probably update my Dream Suite is sometime during the first week of April 2015. Thus, my aim is to complete all my goals by then! That should:
1. Complete all my rooms DLC-wise (Though, I’m sure more DLC will come, but whether I will have a use for it… I really want the Nintendogs DLC to return)
2. Hopefully hit all gold badges (I will try anyway)
3. Save my town at ultimate pinkness thanks to the Cherry Blossom trees <3 The only sucky part is Hydrangea bushes are only in bloom during mid June to early July 🙁 I really love the bush colors so I wouldn't switch them, but that doesn't make it suck less. I really wish Bushes were year around... flowers are, all trees but the town tree are... I don't know why they decided to make bushes seasonal :/ And I still need to try and get a balloon to fly over where I want a present to land >< I'm also still worried my landscaping isn't good enough ._. so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know? Other things I wish: -Being able to pick where Villagers move. -Being able to pay a fee to unlock Public Works after seeing it in a friend's town (or paying for a random Public Work to be unlocked that you haven't gotten yet). Even though I have all the ones I'd want, I'd like to unlock them all at some point and I don't want to re-get an Uchi (or move out one of the villagers I love) just for specific ones...
I did just get this request today at least and have gotten several in the past too.
-Both Booker and Copper could be at the police station 🙁

I also semi-wish AC could have a vacation/stasis mode where you can freeze that day and not have to worry about villagers abandoning you T__T And I can pick it up whenever I want and enjoy playing and not stress out completely. And wish you couldn’t accidentally kill flowers while catching things…

Moving on, I will probably do my “play ahead because I know I will have no time for like 2 weeks” this weekend. Once I finish, I will probably do Dream Suites for a while as I really want to finish up my list. October 14th, the day I am planning to freeze on (though, I may go to the 15th…debating), also happens to be Explorer’s Day–the other US Exclusive Holiday, so if anyone would like to stop by, let me know.

Also going to start with recording the two towns they did as I feel really bad I wasn’t able to make it on the 20th with all the craziness v-v I really did want to…

But yes, expect a mini update later on hopefully @-@