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Day 93

So, today the grass has officially started to change in preparation for the brownness of Fall. As much as I hate the tanning season, I love the vibrant Shamrock green that is used for Bamboo and trees during the Summer so I was a bit disappointed. Tanning season still has another week as it is…

However, upon logging into the game, I had a bigger surprise:

Another letter from Nintendo! The mail was about the Slushie Machine. I already got mine when it was given out through SpotPass in Europe due to it being reorderable, but it’s nice to see it available in the US too!


I miss you vibrant grass colors 🙁

Of course, I then hurried off to meet Marina :3


Also finally got Sir’s last mannequin which means the only thing I still need for his basement is a Mega Oboid and that should more or less finish everything off.

Random Rant: The obnoxious stone on the upgraded exterior types is stupid. It doesn’t look too bad on the castle (though, I’d prefer it wasn’t there) and it’s okayish in Zen Castle (but slowly getting worse), but it looks especially bad on Modern where it seems barely any of the exterior walls you pick get shown. I honestly don’t understand the need for the weird stone parts? I mean, the Cottages look so nice.

Anyway, I then proceeded to grab all the purple flowers I had that I moved over to my mom’s town as her favorite color is purple and she wanted lots of purple flowers.

Marcie ended up wanting to see my house again… then after she left, Ruby came in for a surprise visitor @-@ Was quite random. Upon leaving my house [finally], it was storming outside though so bleh.

I didn’t really do much else so it was rather slow today… Although, I know what I should be doing but still too paranoid 🙁

Visitor hour! 😀

Filbertbluesquirrel on Tumblr visited my town and took some nice pictures! :3

I like how I’m just like… up in the corner in the second one.