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Silver Fishing Badge!

So, I was popping in for my usual checkness to make sure nobody wants to move and crush my hopes and dreams and to my surprise, Phineas was walking around!

While I only received one badge, this one is pretty important as it helps me figure out just how much I have to go. I now know I need 3,000 more fish to get gold… I still don’t know how close I am bug-wise though as it can be anywhere between 500 and 1,999. Regardless, now the Catching lots of bugs badge is the only bronze badge I have. Hopefully I can get the rest of the badges soon!

Finally another Gold Badge

So today, after many many many dreams, I finally received the Golden Dream Badge!:

I now have 4 Gold Badges left. The hard part is that I have no good way to keep track of how many I have to go which makes it a lot harder to be motivated. For reference, the ones I have left are the catching lots of bugs, fish, and diving creatures (5K for the first two, 2K for the last) plus the earning 5,000 medals one.

Some spotlights from the Dream Villages I visited:

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So, I was doing my daily checking for moves check and noticed Phineas over by the river!


Yeeees <3 Just 250 left until gold! I don't expect to earn anymore badges today, but if miracles somehow happen, I'll be sure to edit this <3


So, it turns out I found Phineas in the end! (Thank you Booker for your advice!)

Unfortunately, the rest I need aren’t really quick so I doubt I’ll be getting anymore today… 🙁 I might see how far I can get Dream village-wise though so maybe I will stream some tonight.

So, I guess expect a Dream Village entry next 😛


So, I had begun my lofty badge hunt and so far, it has worked!:

Still have these to go:
-Catching 5,000 Bugs
-Catching 5,000 Fish
-Catching 1,000 Diving creatures
-Earning 5,000 Medals
-Getting 1,000 StreetPasses (which I still think I have enough but whatever XP)
-Getting 500 Visitors to my town
-Visiting Dream Villages 500 times

Not sure which to do next :/

Edit: And thank you Chananr for letting me catalog the Capricorn ornament! <3