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Day 17

Re-Tail Sign: Carpet
Turnips: AM: 98 Bells | PM: 90 Bells

Yay for mail~ One a surprise and one not so much.

Tammy had sent me a Ranch Tea Table as thanks for her birthday present and the other was the Star Globe that Mark made me order for him.

I went to throw some stuff into my Basement for now to at least get it towards it’s stepping stones. I’ll probably be upgrading it again as I really want to work towards how it’s supposed to look.

Flip had me deliver something to Astrid who had me guess on whether I’d receive anything–I failed (although, I did figure it was clothing–I just was really hoping for furniture). Blah. On the bright side, I found all 4 of my fossils relatively easily.

Anyway, then it was time to celebrate 😀

After the Ceremony, Kyle asked for any Fruit and Ruby asked for an Orchid Mantis… not sure if I will complete the latter, but Kyle gave me an Imperial Shirt as thanks.

I went and paid off my loan to Nook, but I’m going to hold off on seeing him for the next expansion in hopes I can find someone with a Pink Arched Door. I’ll do the expansion a little late.

After finishing at the museum (no new fossils 🙁 But bought some stuff at the Museum shop!), I headed to the HH Showcase. However…there was someone I didn’t recognize before.

It’s Reggie! 😀 Our first Spotpass house.

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