New Year’s Countdown

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Happy New Year!

Video on Twitch here. Shall upload to Youtube once it lets me!

Day 207 – Happy New Year’s Eve!

So, it’s officially New Year’s Eve and thus, the New Year’s Countdown! Yay!

New Year’s Eve–despite being a rather simple event has the most exclusive items as not only does it take into consideration region… it also takes in language:
North America: Sparkling Cider* (Game is in English or French), 12 Grapes (Game is in Spanish)
PAL: Sparkling Cider (French games), Berliner (German games), 12 Grapes (Spanish games), Tweeter* (English games)
Korea: Bell Ornament
Japan: New Year’s Eve Noodles
*This is the item I’m holding! You can drink it and stuff. I actually drink Sparking Apple Cider for New Years Eve (I’m not fond of champagne or wine or well, alcohol in the first place) so it was nice to have it ingame too! (Not that I’d expect them to actually give you Champagne in the game but) Even if it’s one of the non-interior items.
**Same as the one you can get in StreetPass. Not sure why it’s not a unique item like the rest.

Sadly, due to allergies ruining my sleeping and also general busy-ness of the day, I wasn’t able to really go around to different regions (thankfully, I’ve at least catalogged everything). I did manage to stop by Rainy’s Japanese town though for that Countdown:

And also made a stop at Village’s Town even though it ended:

As you can see, the villagers wear fancy hats and fireworks go off! The music is also different.

Anyway, I’ll end this now, but I’m hoping to record the Countdown towards the end so hopefully I’ll update with a video and/or screenshots later :3