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Happy New Year!

Video on Twitch here. Shall upload to Youtube once it lets me!

Day 181 and 182

I really didn’t end up playing much yesterday due to lots of craziness, so I just popped on to take my photo for the TBT Daily Challenge. We’re up to Day 6 now (Days switch over at 6PM EST–about 11 hours from now). And yes, even though I know the challenges, I only do them after they are announced 😛

There’s still 8 challenges to go 😀

Regardless, today is Naughty or Nice day in European games and Chananr went and opened his gates and due to lots of stuff I plan to get done, I loaded my game up and headed to the train station 😀 On the way, I stopped Marina from moving who apparently decided 2 days ago–I can not complain enough about the moving in this game. Seriously, I think they pop up more than I ran into Zubat in Pokemon. ANYWAY BACK TO THE ORIGINAL START OF THIS SENTENCE…. Naughty or Nice Day today! Yay!

For those who are unaware, it involves leaving out a shoe or sock and waking up the next day with it filled with goodies :3 It’s kind of like the parent of Christmas stockings.

Isabelle was in the plaza 😀

And the faceboard is adorable!

<3 <3 <3