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Day 23

Video Log: N/A
Re-Tail Sign: Giant Snakehead
Turnips: Sunday. Joan was selling turnips for 97 Bells each.

Because I am up for some reason at nearly 6AM, I decided to try and have an early day–even if I’ll probably be taking a nap within an hour or so and that “early start” will be ruined since not much is opened at that time.

It was nice to see. I had some mail–received a Sketchbook from Katie. Also, the 6AM music is very pretty.

I also apparently upgraded my Trophy Room instead of my Kitchen… oops. Shall do the Kitchen today then with the Toy Room tomorrow.

Anyway, while there was still stuff I needed to do (like celebrate the Cafe, go to the cafe, and dig for fossils), Matt invited me over to his Japanese town! So I decided to stop there first :3

I had fun catalogging things <3 (so want to get one of those glass cases with the books in them…)

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