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A Year in Review + Peanut’s Birthday

So, I’ve officially been playing Animal Crossing for one year! A year ago today, I picked the game up from Nintendo World 🙂 While I haven’t gotten everything I’d have liked done (Evil gold badges left T__T), I have gotten quite a bit, such as:
-All the villagers I wanted
-Every house done
-A Complete Catalog
-My Town completely done (just waiting for the 500 day tree and can’t really rush that)
-Experienced every event
-Completed Museum

I would say the thing that really ruined playing a lot the most for me was the moving mechanic–both with houses being placed wherever they want and just how often them wanting to move comes up. I think if they had it so you could set for a villager to never want to move and so Nook could show up whenever someone wanted to move in and have you place it would’ve been a lot better 🙁 There were a few other things that bothered me (some by certain players versus a mechanic), but that’s really the #1 thing personally.

Moving on, my bushes were starting to bloom!:

I also had a camper today:

And of course, went over to Peanut’s to celebrate her birthday:

I also did a rare morning Dream Suite update:

Thank you to everyone who has visited!

And finally decided to check out the StreetPasses I have built up since Disney in the Showcase:

As always, some Room Spotlights:

Finally, later tonight, I went to Nammi Town (Dream Address: 2400-2106-4998), the Dream Address featured in the Nintendo Minute that came out recently:

I really like her map T~T

Happy Birthday, Marcie!

So, today is Marcie’s Birthday! I had a present all ready for her and made sure to head over to her house.


TODAY IS WEEDING DAY 😀 After over 10 months, it’s finally here and I will unlock my topiary! NOT ENOUGH WORDS FOR HOW HAPPY I AM. I even had every part of my town covered to guarantee victory.

And now, the moment of truth…


oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh






I guess the wait until tomorrow now T~T as I don’t think Leif heads back at midnight like Isabelle. *ROLLS AROUND* OMGWHYMUSTIWAITEVENLONGERFORTHISFEELINGOFTOWNCOMPLETION.

Speaking of pure happiness, if you need to go back to your store and run it, I totally understand! Really. Feel free.

Pink Sea could be even happier you know. Just saying.

I have a golden weeding badge. I have been training for this day. So I totally have everything covered if you need to go back to your store since it is very popular. So feel free. Absolutely, it will be no issue. …please? T___T

Quick Check-up

So, I made sure to play today as I know next week is going to be pretty crazy for multiple reasons. That doesn’t mean I won’t play at all (of course I will), but I wanted to make sure I stopped those “wow, we haven’t seen you in a while” because I haven’t been outside for a week.

It was going fairly well–I was able to catch everyone and even ran into Marcie at Diana’s house:

Marcie let me know Peanut was thinking of moving so I quickly saved, quit, and reloaded to make sure to stop her:

Mission Successful–but my heart broke a bit more. Load up before… someone wants to move, load up today, someone wants to move. I really wish they didn’t want to move so much 🙁 just so depressing.

Day 160

So, despite feeling a bit iffy I made sure I’d play today. Although, due to remembering I had to go out this evening, I didn’t get to as much as I’d like to…

Regardless, Redd was in town and he had one of the pieces of art my boyfriend still needed so I picked that up for him. My villagers still seem to be happy living in Pink Sea with no signs of moving, but I trust nothing after the several days long of “I WANT TO MOVE” 😐 So I mostly feel paranoid. Maple did ask me to visit her house though.

I didn’t stay too long, however.

Unfortunately, it seemed I was unlucky today and thus, kept falling on my face…

Regardless, I also managed to get Merengue’s petition for an Official Town Bookmark done.

Seriously though, I really want an Official Town Bookmark…

It was then Dream Village time 😀

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