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Streetpassing along

While I didn’t get many Tomodachi Life passes, I did get some Animal Crossing StreetPasses soooo ๐Ÿ˜€

House photo time:

A Letter from Nintendo

So, I loaded up my game for some late night playing and was surprised to see another letter from Nintendo!

What it said:
“Drear Jennifer,
Summer means BBQs, and
BBQs mean parties! Here’s
something that’ll help you with
all your summertime needs!
Just be sure to invite us
over once you get cooking!
From the BBQ moochers”
It contained a Smoker. This is normally something you can only get from campsite games.

I also had Redd in my town today, but he still didn’t have a Solemn Painting in stock (It’s the last one my fiancรฉ needs).

Nothing else happened really today… just a continued slow process of trying to get those badges I still have to earn ๐Ÿ™

Happy Birthday, Marina!

So, today is Marina’s Birthday and the last villager birthday of the year. The only other birthday is my Mayor’s. But yes, I quickly headed over to drop off her present and say Hi.

Happy Birthday, Cookie!

Also, the Hydrangeas have bloomed!

Sadly, it is raining so no Dream Suite update today @-@ But hopefully soon!

Happy Birthday, Maple!

So, today is Maple’s Birthday! And in just 3 days, we’ll have Cookie’s birthday. It’s a very busy month this month for my villagers ๐Ÿ˜›