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PSA: Copying is not okay.

You go and you see something you REALLY like. It’s beautiful–it’s what you wanted. So what do you do? GET INSPIRED. Use that to inspire you to make something in your own way. Maybe “I really like the positioning of this” or “I think these look really nice here” and things like that is okay.

But when you take everything–from the layout to the placements to the names of characters to the interiors to the exteriors to everyone in town and use all of it and act like it’s yours… that is not okay. That is copying. That’s not being inspired. That’s not flattery. That’s being rude and telling the creator who you apparently liked so much that what they did is nothing because now it’s yours. That is NOT okay. In fact, it gets CREEPY at that point.

That is NEVER okay. EVER.

Not everyone is artistic enough to be able to make patterns completely from scratch–so they show their ability in a different way. By using what they have to make something beautiful. But it’s still artistic. It’s still creative–it’s just a different way. It’s an idea that is placed and shown–not something to be taken and thrown elsewhere.

You don’t plant a garden in hopes that all your neighbors will plant the exact same flowers the exact same way–an exact copy. You do it in hopes to inspire someone to maybe be like “A garden like that is nice–maybe I should plant some flowers”. Not take everything.

I don’t really have anything else to say–not sure if there is anything else I CAN say other than that it’s the first time I’ve felt this disappointed in years.