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NYCC and StreetPass

So, I’ve managed to get tons of people from NYCC–even some on Tumblr (since their address was in the description). Sadly, due to my SD card issue, I can’t take any pictures so I lost those and was unable to show all the other people I managed to get.

In general, streetpasses were crazy… I’d leave the plaza and go back in and immediately have tons of new people. I’ll be surprised if I don’t hit gold by the time the convention is over.

Unfortunately, missing all of these in the Mii Plaza has a huge damper on it :/ As if the not being able to share wasn’t enough.

Regardless, let me know if you got me in Animal Crossing? (or another game–though, due to the SD Card slot problem, I could only clear out Animal Crossing and Pokemon Rumble. I can kinda do Fire Emblem, but since DLC is on the SD Card, I’m worried how that could effect it.)
Remember, it’s Jennifer from Pink Sea