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The update!!

So, the update is officially out and I was not ready for this at all. While I DID think there was a chance for this to happen, I kind of thought maybe not as the cards were coming out later for Europe and especially the US, but nooope. It came out today and just I feel so overwhelmed already.

There is still so much I need to figure out, such as:
1. Getting the Lamp for Wisp
2. Unlocking Lottie to get the design course (which I’m guessing will happen after the storage upgrade)
3. Keeping track of what items are exclusive to HHD so I don’t waste my coupons
4. More info on what to do FOR coupons. I swear you could see a list of it from what I saw in the direct, but maybe not? Oh, wait, I found it–in your little ID card thing. SEE WHAT I MEAN ABOUT BEING OVERWHELMED.

There’s definitely a lot of items I really want such as the Tea Set. I already linked my Happy Home Designer game with New Leaf (WHICH WAS INCREDIBLY STRESSFUL) so now to just continue working on things.

My date is currently set in April so I’m debating on trying to catch it up after I update my Dream Suite later. We’ll have to see…