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Day 65

Re-tail Sign: Horse Mackerel
Turnips: Sunday! So Joan is selling today.

First thing I did today was rush off to McDonald’s to pick up a Pumpkin Pie.

It is NOT reorderable so if you can, definitely head to a Nintendo Zone near you to pick up one if you are in North America! I had also gotten quite a bit of mail–a painting for Rainy, a camera from Katie, and a Number 4 Lamp from Julian (yay!).

If that wasn’t enough, Phineas was in town!

Yaaaaay <3 Finally, the Gold Catalog badge! For the record, I have 2,556 items catalogged at the moment 😀 Rainy also visited to pick up a painting I had for her and I visited Ruu to drop off a Pumpkin Pie. She gave me a 7-11 Set T~T <3 Thank you, Ruu! <3

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