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DLC Download~

With Halloween now over, I did pop onto Animal Crossing to do one particular thing…

Sadly, still need to wait for snow for the last thing I need to catch! So I didn’t do much else. Looking out for Nintendo’s next SpotPass item announcement though considering they did say October AND November in the Nintendo Direct and only showed October items all month, I am very curious about the November stuff…

Fedora Hat get!

While I still have yet to catch a Bagworm, I did make sure to stop by a Nintendo Zone to pick up my Fedora Chair!

It’s rather cute:

But yes, back to trying to get a Bagworm…

Though, they did finally put the DLC picture up:
However, they didn’t mention November at all like they did during the Direct… But yeah, Sushi Platter is the same as you can get ingame. I believe Europe can currently get a Topknot Wig (also already ingame)

Day 116

So, today is pretty exciting. Besides the Nintendo Direct announcing more DLC (The Fedora Chair is out right now here in North America at all Nintendo Zones. It is NOT reorderable and is available until the 14th. The item starting the 15th is a Sushi Platter which you can also get ingame… the November items have yet to be announced), because it’s October 1st, there’s also a new monthly DLC!:

Yay for more catalog process. Not to mention a new Bug is out today that I still need–the Bagworm.

Villager go-through:
Merengue: Asked me to visit her house at 11:30AM
Cookie: Spoke about rumors
Peanut: Asked if she looked cute.
Marina: Wanted a new piece of furniture to replace a shirt.
Julian: Asked me to get Flurry for him.

Diana: Wanted to buy my black bass
Flurry: Wanted to know if she looked okay
Maple: Wanted to know about Cooking.
Marcie: Worried her house was dirty
Molly: Just spoke about Kayla @-@

Anyway, Jack is also supposed to be in town today, but to be honest… I couldn’t find him! I mean, I’m not going to be participating in Halloween anyway but…

As it is, he wasn’t the only one I was having issues with. After shaking trees for over 4 hours, I still had yet to find a Bagworm 🙁 So I decided to take a break… but I will probably try again later–if I do finally catch it, expect an entry later!

Day 111

Today is a pretty late update since the entire day was mostly work and driving… Nice to finally be home. Tomorrow, I will probably start the preparation for the craziness up ahead. To be honest, I will probably just be checking in on my villagers as usual, but before I get into that…
Next month’s DLC! I honestly didn’t see the Rice-Plant Bed coming–guess this is more proof the Prima Guide screwed up where DLC is from. Though, I wonder if that means the Pile of Leaves and Autumn-leaf Chair will actually be some of the next Nintendo Zone items then or something… Mikayla suggested they could be the next two month items which is definitely possible–though, I think a Autumn-y item in December would be kind of odd. Speaking of which, Japan is getting the Pumpkin Pie through the Streetpass Relay system which is pretty cool. …I seriously envy people who set up a relay through their house. I’d love to do something like that…

Anyway, to actually playing!

-Marina wanted some fruit.
-Peanut told me about how she uses her watering can as a lunch box and bought the Shaved Ice Maker I had on me.
-Merengue told me about a unique Kaleidoscope. She also warned me about Redd.

Thus, I gave a quick check to see if Redd had anything my boyfriend needed. Sadly, he did not 🙁
-Julian wanted some new furniture.
-Maple wanted me to deliver something to Marcie
-Marcie wanted a new greeting.
-Molly complimented me on my fishing.
-Cookie wanted to give me a new nickname.
-Diana bought my goldfish.
-Flurry wanted to know how her outfit looked.

Then I just updated my Dream Suite (later than I’d like, but I haven’t been able to these last few days…) and that was really it for today.

Day 82

Re-tail Sign: Headgear
Turnips: AM: 363 Bells | PM: 172 Bells

Well, firstly, September’s DLC item was announced!
The Full-Moon Vanity (Japan will also be getting the Shaved Ice Lamp next month–it’s nice to see everyone getting the DLC!) I expect this to be for everyone, but the US twitter and website seem to be a bit behind @-@ In fact, the Rainbow Screen and Palm Tree Lamp are still up on the Website… never got updated with August’s Fireworks Table. And the US hasn’t done anything like the UK’s giveaways… Anyway, I expect the Pile of Leaves to be October’s item with November starting the Zodiac set. I’m not sure when the Hagoita or Rice-Plant Bed will be given out, but I’d expect the Kadomatsu would be given out around New Year in Japan in a similar way to how the Turkey and Yule Log were given out near Thanksgiving and Christmas respectively. Kimbap Plate and Tteok Plate are others that I’m not sure when it will be given out, but I expect it to be given out in a similar sense–just for Korea. Of course, they could possibly be handed out like the Top was too. I would expect the Red-Horned Hat, School Cap, and White School Cap to be more like the top though. I think the other Europe DLC will be a continued Nintendo Zone/GAME Promotion once their current ones end.

Also, thank you to Mikayla for the heads up <3

Anyway, Molly should officially be moved in now (well, unpacking boxes…) so I ran over to greet her.


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