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Day 26.5 + Some Blog Stuff

Gonna get the blog stuff out of the way first… The catalog section is almost completely done. EVERYTHING is listed, but I haven’t checked anything off yet (due to the fact that my Nookling’s shop is closed at this time and thus, I can not check my catalog). Expect it to be checked off sometime tomorrow–speaking of tomorrow, Happy 4th of July everyone! <3 I am sad that fireworks aren't until August. XD To my surprise though, Matt invited me over to his Japanese town to catalog some things!
And if that wasn’t enough, it turns out it was set to be Tanabata today. I also was able to pick lots of weeds 😀

I actually really love Japanese events–ever since I had gotten a Hinaningyo back in the Gamecube version of the game, I had started to look up all kinds of Japanese festivals so it really excites me when I get to see one–even if it may not be in real life.

I also said Hi to Lucy 😛

Ruu actually invited me to her town Sunday (well, Saturday night for me) for Tanabata so I’m pretty excited 😀 Saturday will actually be a pretty busy day, but I’ll leave the reasons why for then!

But yes, the lovely Bamboo in the museum!:

So awesome <3

The Event

So, from 9AM to 1PM today the Nintendo World Store was having an event for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! From their site:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Celebration – June 8th, from 9am to 1pm

There is a new mayor in town, and it’s you! We are hosting an Animal Crossing celebration Saturday, June 8th from 9am to 1pm. Our Club LOL DJ will be spinning tunes while you interact with our unique Animal Crossing environment; activities include fishing, bug catching, creating art and pictures in our towns photo booth. In addition here is your chance to purchase Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS a day early. Both the game and the Animal Crossing 3DS XL bundle will only be available during event hours while supplies last, so don’t miss your chance to turn a new leaf into adventure.

Plus, lots of neat freebies for participating in the activities 🙂

So, a few more specific details:
The store was really nicely decorated both inside and out (although, not completely) and Animal Crossing music was playing throughout the store.

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Today’s the Day!

So, in not too much longer, I will officially be lining up for the event at the Nintendo World Store in New York City. I’m really looking forward to the event as it sounds like a lot of fun–my only regret is I haven’t had a chance to really rest before it.

I may try getting the map I want ahead of time, but I will probably not play much more until I get home so I can stream and record everything. I also won a guide book from The BellTree Forums which I am super excited for.

As for preparations and things, I’ve done a whole slew of memes and surveys over on Tumblr–although, while I have finished them all, I still need to work on the artwork for the New Leaf Art Challenge. The answers are there though at least!

Moving on, I do plan to take pictures of the event 🙂 And will probably have a little “pre-day” entry before the official Day 1 Entry. I’m super excited! <3 I have all but 2 patterns remade too 😀 So I'm pretty much as ready as can be!