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Day 56

Re-tail Sign: Sweetfish
Turnips: AM: 110 Bells | PM: 126 Bells

Today has one important goal… to start getting public works from Phoebe. I honestly don’t care which I get first (Although, I am hoping for the Picnic Basket), but as LONG as it’s the Geyser or Picnic stuff, I will be happy. I REALLY hope she suggests them quickly and considering I received a mail from her today, I’m hoping this means she is well… if not, I’ll be paranoid and cutting things close come the 4th X__x If she still isn’t well on the 3rd, I will probably have to ask Miranda to stay…

Besides the letter from Phoebe, I received mail from Katie. She gave me her photo for the first time–I still need her camera though! I’m probably one of the few AC fans who do not care much for photos. I honestly would only try for them if they were in the catalog. I did try to make a nice room for them in City Folk, but due to room limits, they ended up just being on the floor… And when it comes down to it, I don’t really have anywhere to place them. Like I’m sitting here thinking where I could even -put- them and I have no idea. Katie’s picture is actually my very first picture and while I know many people like to get the pictures before they leave, I’ve never felt the need to.

Maybe if item limits were back to unlimited, I could find more reason too–or if you could hang them on walls. But I guess I never really understood the whole “give a photo” thing. Maybe it’s because I avoid cameras like the plague. It’s still a nice incentive though and I definitely will try to get the photo of each of my Dream Villagers, but I will be very surprised if I get any from anyone else.

Moving on, I also had some exciting news on the bulletin board…

I”m soooo excited! 😀 This will be the first meteor shower in my town. Eeee <3

If that wasn’t surprise enough, as I went fossil hunting…

Eeee! I honestly never expected to see one, let alone so soon, so this completely threw me off. When I first saw her digging it up, I honestly thought it was some weird dirt mound even though I knew these were around and you got them by digging but just… so exciting! (AND PEOPLE SAY SPOILERS RUIN THINGS >_>) I officially have one of each mushroom 😀

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Day 55! – The first of August

Re-tail Sign: Furniture
Turnips: AM: 117 Bells | PM: 92 Bells

So, the day started off with running into Katie. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how I ran into her in the first place.

Regardless, I was heading to my mom’s town to meet up with Imaginos for a fun catalogging session so I invited her to come along.

With that done, I went to go stop by the Post office as the new DLC for August was out!

Yaaay 😀 I don’t know if it works in the Space Room (Galaxies can be pretty colorful), but it was the only thing I could thing of.

I had a Camper today–was the first time I had one in a while.

I then had an even bigger surprise…


So, I had to get my iconic outfit… Good thing I was stopping by my mom’s town. Shall have Bellsy drop it off there. Regardless, despite the good news, I was having quite the problem with fossils and Gyroids–still needing one of each…so, I figured I’d just find them later and headed on my way.

With my outfit now on… it was time.

“Yay! I passed 😀 …Still just a Princess though. And a mayor I guess? Princess-Mayor?”

Also, I found this REALLY cute:


Anyway, August also brings new bugs and fish! …but most of my friends were in August so there actually isn’t anything I need. Regardless, I am still excited about being able to catch turtles–I need one for a room I am planning… >3

It was then time to try and get the final public work I need from Kiki again…
1. She asked for a new greeting.
2. Tried to invite me to her house.
3. Asked about what snack she’s like.
4. Kiki asked for a perfect fruit.
5. Caught by Rocco. He wanted new furniture. :/

I then took a small break to go buy out the stores and get some stuff done like seeing Dr. Shrunk :3

Delight Joke!

After giving Phoebe some medicine (and it looks like she will be back in good health tomorrow! I hope so), it was then back to Kiki.
6. Asked about my mood yet again…
7. She gave me a No. 5 shirt.
8. Flower types….
9. Snack Representations :/
10. Snacks AGAIN
11. She gave me a future tank v-v
12. Gave me a Regal Armoire
13. Flowers.
14. Swell Tee.
15. Cabin Wall.

At this point, I took another break as I wasn’t feeling well and felt like curling into a ball of frustration for a bit–plus I still need to do house expansions for the other characters so bleh.

After getting everyone paid off before Nook’s closed at 8, I proceeded to start some Stained Glass refurbishing–one more for the church and one for the space room. After picking up things on other characters, I made sure to update Dream Suite and then it was time to try and get the Drinking Fountain/Water Fountain from Kiki again…

16. A request! But the wrong one :/

Time to start over…
17. Flower types :/
18. Another request… also wrong

19. She escaped -_-
20. Talked about making Rainbow Sherbert.
21. Another flower fortune
22. About making Minestrone
23. Flowers AGAIN.

…*sighs* I will probably stop soon so I shall just edit this if some miracle happens.

Art Selaphi did for my birthday 😀

And had lots of fun with this adorable dress-up maker! 😀

Day 53.5

So, I did manage to accomplish some things…

1. A request I wanted! 😀

While I can’t build the Fairytale Clock yet, this means I only need one more thing from both Kiki and Joey or Jeremiah besides the 2 from Phoebe.

2. I managed to get 3 more tables which leaves me with 5… unfortunately, I need to sleep so bleh :/ Will have to hope they show up again.

3. I made sure to update my Dream Suite before I left and…

T~T 300?! Thank you Olivia from Willow for being my 300th Dreamer!

4. I forgot to order another Stained Glass Lamp to refurbish in Blue…must remember to do so later.

And that is it for this mini-update 😛 Well, to end it a bit more interesting, these are my badges at the moment!:

I’m at about 687 hours of playtime so yeah >>

(Also, thank you to those who mentioned Dream Villagers to me! While I sadly missed Merengue and Molly twice… I did get Peanut! So Thank you again to those who let me know and the person (I don’t know if she wants to be named ^^; ) I received Peanut from! It really means a lot to me <3 Just 6 to go: Merengue, Molly, Marina, Flurry, Diana, and Maple!) ----------------------------------- The finished art by thewriterandhermuse:

Day 53

Re-tail Sign: Furniture
Turnips: AM: N/A Bells | PM: 73 Bells

So, today started a bit accidentally… Just as a note, if it’s late and you’re tired, never try and fix the time because it’s off by a few minutes. Since it was technically the next day and just not 6AM, my trying to fix the clock resulted in me accidentally going back and forth to past 6AM and post 6AM of today X__x

I did, at least, get some public works done, but I guess I feel bad about it. I did absolutely nothing else though. Once it did hit 6AM, I celebrated my final sign…

I currently have 4 laying around and 6 projects I want to build which means I can only build 2 more before I have to start demolishing… I need to hope I can get everyone in and the people who’s houses are where I’d like to place facilities (Ruby, Kyle) or nothing in particular (Rocco, Kiki, Joey, Jeremiah, Miranda) go first. So, I probably will hold Buck and Phoebe for a bit–maybe even Kyle as well. Just need to get the Public Works already… I need to do Phoebe first as the two I need to place (to fully start moving people in once said people start moving) are from her. The last things are from Kiki (2) and Joey (1) with the last one being Weeding Day where that sign will remain until April… Hopefully I will have everyone in long before that point. I just really hope everything works out.

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Day 26

Video Log: Twitch Part 1, Twitch Part 2
Re-Tail Sign: Carpet
Turnips: AM: 573 Bells | PM: 210 Bells

So, it was an early start today and to my surprise, I was greeted by Lyle (and rain–but this wasn’t so surprising.)

I decided to try–mostly as I don’t know if I’ll ever get 150K otherwise and figured I may have a better shot. So, I picked Fairy Tale.

That is like…what my character is made of.

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